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Zeba Men's Stone Grey Fabric Slip On tiptopshoes

Zeba Men's Stone Grey Fabric Slip On tiptopshoes

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Hands-free Zeba Sneakers in Stone Grey.Our Stone Grey Style is available in both Medium and Extra Wide (4E / 3E) and is a men's style.

Put your sneakers on without bending down! Just tie them once (double knot to keep them tight) and you'll never have to bend down again.

Whether you have trouble bending down or just want a supremely comfortable sneaker, we're confident you'll love your Zebas. We produced Zebas with the highest quality materials available andthey're both comfortable and built to last.

Zebas are a PERFECT gift foranyone whohastrouble bending down.

Our insoles are removable if you prefer to use your own, but we think you're going to love ours.They were designed for maximum comfort and walking on them feels heavenly.

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