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Woolloomooloo Women's Belmont Denim Fabric tiptopshoes

Woolloomooloo Women's Belmont Denim Fabric tiptopshoes

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Featuring a knitted Australian Merino wool upper, a wool lined footbed, and our signature elastic lace system, the Belmont takes athleisure to a whole new level of comfort. The sneaker of your dreams, guaranteed to provide comfort all-day, everyday. Designed and knitted meticulously to bring effortless versatility and comfort to your feet. We lined this shoe with Merino wool for added softness, making it the perfect sockless shoe.


The Belmont is only available in whole sizes. Runs true to size, see please size chart.

Re-tying Instructions:
First, stretch the lace out!
Next, make a big loop.
Wrap the lace around the loop 3 or 4 times.
Then slip the lace through the loop and slowly tighten the knot.
Lastly, slip em' on and enjoy your beautiful knot tying skills! ;)
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