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Lems Unisex Primal Zen Asphalt tiptopshoes

Lems Unisex Primal Zen Asphalt tiptopshoes

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An Accommodating & Thoughtfully-Crafted Minimalist Shoe
The Lems Primal Zen is a thoughtfully-crafted minimalist shoe that promotes natural foot function and encourages optimal gait. Comfortable, attractive, and accommodating, the foot-friendly Primal Zen works well as both a casual shoe for urban outings and as a reliable companion for active outdoor adventures. Whether it¡¯s walking your dog through your neighborhood, bike commuting to work or leisure activities across town, or hitting the paths for a pleasant stroll in nature, the Primal Zen has you covered and allows you to seamlessly transition from trail to town, and vice versa.

Durable Materials, Foot-Healthy Features & A Grounded Feel
Built to last, the Lems Primal Zen incorporates a durable, yet soft microfiber and air mesh upper and a protective, yet highly-flexible 9.5 mm air-injection rubber outsole. The generous toe box of this healthy-foot-shaped shoe offers your forefoot and toes ample room to spread out, and the completely flat sole from heel to toe helps to stabilize your ankle and activate natural arch support. Along with its lightweight design (~8 oz. per shoe), the relatively low stack height of the Primal Zen (11 mm without the included insole) confers excellent ground feel and the ability to put your best foot forward.

Pairs Well With Other Helpful Natural Footgear
The Lems Primal Zen is compatible with a variety of other helpful natural footgear. Use your Primal Zens in combination with Correct Toes toe spacers to help rehabilitate your feet and realize the full benefits of optimal toe alignment. This versatile shoe also works well in combination with Injinji toe socks, Pedag metatarsal pads, and Naboso insoles to help strengthen your feet and restore them to their optimal form and function. In order to best accommodate this helpful footgear, we recommend removing the included (optional) 3.0 mm insole.

Note: If you are new to using Lems footwear, we recommend that you start in slowly, gradually building up your wear-time and giving your body the chance to adapt to the thinner soles and the increased workload on your feet.
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